What a great place to be a kid!
Childhood should be a carefree time devoted to creating memories and surrounded by supportive adults. It’s a pretty simple concept, but it can be hard to find these days – unless you come to Warrick County.
9. Families enjoy petting zoo
at Scales Lake Park
Here, children grow with the security of playing in safe neighborhoods under the watchful eyes of neighbors they know. They learn teamwork and the value of fitness in our many youth sports leagues, and strengthen their skills in school arts and athletic programs. Our family-focused community’s many activities make it difficult to be bored.
Enjoying nature’s bounty
Patriotism begins early
Nature’s bounty is around the kids, too. Who needs video games when they can interact with the natural world through hiking, fishing, and camping? Whether they’re chasing frogs in a nearby pond or watching the clouds from a grassy field, they’ll grow in a place where the imagination thrives and the spirit smiles.
America’s favorite pastime and other sports teach teamwork while having fun