Breathtakingly beautiful and family-friendly
From sweeping vistas overlooking the powerful Ohio River to gentle hills cloaked in abundant greenery, Warrick County is a surprising feast for the eyes. Along with its natural beauty, our county includes charming towns full of vintage buildings and broad countrysides where bright days and star-speckled nights are savored.
15. Newburgh Rivertown Trail
Beautiful neighborhoods abound
Family Friendly
Families are at the center of life along the river, and it’s apparent in so many ways. You’ll see happy children playing in safe neighborhoods where neighbors know each other. During the evenings, the scene shifts to our many youth sports facilities for baseball, soccer, football and more. As the kids make friendships on the field, their parents renew acquaintances along the sidelines.

Our timeless attitudes about hard work echo in the performance of our local schools, which maintain a long tradition of excellence and statewide leadership in academics, athletics, and the arts. They’ve earned Exemplary School recognition three years in a row.
Country values are a strong tradition
Picturesque towns along the river and among the hills evoke everything that makes small-town America so appealing. Children play in tree-filled parks, families share laughter on front porches, and people still greet each other in the drugstore. From education, to recreation, to healthcare, to a comfortable cost of living, to great weather and more, Warrick County is simply a wonderful place to visit or call home.