Along the banks of the Ohio
For nearly a thousand miles, the Ohio River stretches across the eastern half of the nation, carrying rainwater to the Mississippi and shuttling commerce across its length. Warrick County perches above its western end, where the river widens.
Breathtaking view of commerce on the Ohio
Beyond the dramatic panoramas that the Ohio presents, it serves as a significant resource for our communities (and was a key factor in establishing our county). Careful management of the river has made it a safe path for shipping, and tons of important commodities tie up at our docks and pass by our communities. That smooth flow has also encouraged recreational boating and fishing.
15. Newburgh Rivertown Trail
Recently added pathways such as the Rivertown Trail give visitors and residents a way to experience the Ohio’s beauty at their own pace. Restaurants along the banks let diners enjoy a leisurely meal while being captivated by the flowing water.
Numerous restaurants overlook the Ohio River